About Us


Meet our Pastor

Pastor Daryn, his wife Becky and their children, Luke and Hannah have been ministering at Tioga Assembly since June 2015.
I am truly a pastor at heart. I love getting to know people, and seeing them become the best they can be. I grew up in Williston, North Dakota, and from there went to Central Bible College in Springfield, MO. That is where I met Becky, and we were married in August, 1997. We have youth pastored in Michigan and Wisconsin, and most recently pastored in South Dakota for a little over 5 years.
We have two children, Luke and Hannah. Together, we are the Pederson family, that likes to more than go to church together, we like to be the church together. We help each other grow and understand God, together. We do some of this by taking walks together, go swimming together, ride bicycle together, and watch movies together. We have our separate interests as well. I enjoy, running, bicycling, and golf, and whatever other outdoor activities may peak my interest. Becky enjoys working on the computer, and home projects. Hannah likes drawing, reading, playing outside, and playing with her dolls. Luke loves legos, wii, and riding bike.
We are looking forward to building relationships, and building our lives in Tioga, ND. We feel that God has a plan and a purpose for everyone that we meet. So, we can’t wait to see what that means as we join the people of Tioga Assembly of God, and the town of Tioga, to see how God writes the next chapter in our book, and yours, together.
- Daryn Pederson